Monday, July 2, 2018

Snappy Bag Options - coin pouch, sunglasses case, eyeglasses case

Over the past few months, I have been exploring "snappy bags" In part this has been part of my trying to find the "just right" eyeglasses/sunglasses case.

For the wrap around sunglasses, I have been happy with a variation of this pattern by SewFantastic (, but it is really big. You may want to read a customer review of these on my Etsy site:

While the Tulip pattern from CloBird is pretty fun ( ), it takes too much time and materials to sell them regularly.

I then found the snappy bag for eyeglasses (and other variants exist in different shapes) that is here: . I made them, sort of like them, but really do not like having exposed seams. Zigzagging the edge is not as good as enclosing it. I know. I know. You may think that is a minor detail. I am obsessive compulsive enough that, for me, it IS a big deal.

Back to doing research on Pinterest, I found that Sew Can She has a coin purse/pouch with the snap closure AND is fully lined ( Just a little bit of hand sewing is needed to close up the opening - which is normal. I like the pattern - both the traditional version and the one that is pleated (which looks like a coffee cup). I made these for some friends.

So, since I think I understand the structure and approach. I am hoping to experiment and make my own version. Stay tuned!