Friday, March 20, 2015

Descansos - Others that came from that series

As I had mentioned some time ago, the Descansos series was compelling for me. The simple beauty of claiming a space as important and marking it for memory is an act of simple faith, a recognition that our lives matter, at least to some, and an invitation to reflect. My MIL passed away over the holidays. While my relationship with her was not always easy, she did value my fiber art. So, as I reflect back, here are two pieces that were also part of that Descansos series.


Detail from Descansos - hand beaded, mixed content fabric, quilted

Detail from Descansos - hand beaded, pieced, appliqued, quilted

Lilies for Descansos

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Back for a While (or Not)

Outta Time Tote - for Oslin to hold his watercolor art
 After a long hiatus, a life that got too full, and some time to reflect, I am back at the sewing machine. I don't know that I am ready fully for the big creative pieces: commissions for various people and organizations, but I have been able to enjoy using up a number of fabric scraps. Mostly been doing purses. So, here are three recently completed. The Mt. Fuji is on the front and back of the tote, the pockets have a mottled green, and the inside of the bag is sort of a twig fabric. I made the bag from the pattern by Dog Under My Desk, modified so that it is reversible.
Showing the inside of the front pocket

Inside of Bag and Inside Pocket

Back - Outta Time Tote
 This is the same bag pattern (Outta Time Tote) and is reversible as well, but this one is meant as a teacher gift. His teacher is into mustaches
Outta Time Tote

Inside of the Bag - Pencil fabric and orange batik pockets

And, then, last but not least, a dear friend, in her desire to purge, gave me a number of pieces of fabric. This one has some sentimental value to her and I hope to surprise her with this purse tomorrow. When life is a gift and I have been gifted, somehow it seems right to keep on going. The pattern for the bag is the Zip and Go from Dog Under My Desk. 
Zip and Go Bag - using Kona Japanese cotton