Monday, November 23, 2009

Other fall pieces

Leaves can be fascinating at this time of year. So, it is nice to visit the pieces that celebrate this season. Two of them are in the 12 inch square category. All of them have dimensionality in the work (leaves created as own units and attached to the base quilt in a variety of ways). One was an exploration again of long and narrow (where the proportion of length to width or vise versa is more than 5:1)).

Cobbler's Child

There is a story about the cobbler's child that says that the cobbler never had time to make shoes for the children. Well, I am back to my fiber and, now that I also have a son, have no intention of making him go without. This past week I was making him a "tent", long overdue, from a panel piece of fabric and old sheets. Next up for him will be a quillow.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Work in progress

With the Brookside Garden exhibit coming up, I am working on some new pieces. It has been fun to include the choices of others - including that the leaf in here was one my 4 (near 5) year old son liked and gave me.

Job Change and Adjustments

Ok, so, right when I thought I had my life together, I went and took a new job. That stopped a lot of things from happening, including the blog. Now, a year into the job, it is time to regain my balance.