Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Time for a Change

Over the past few years, I've been doing less quilts and more usable fiber art items. Maybe this is because I do not have more wall space. Maybe it is because being a parent leaves less time for detailed work processes. Maybe I just wanted more quick gratification and my quilts did not fit that equation.

I confess, though, that I can end up spending a number of days working on the fabric choices for one bag - much in the same way that selecting fabrics for a quilt involves. Some of the construction techniques can be just as involved as an inset seam or a detailed applique.

I liked making the Time for a Change purse / diaper bag. But, this was not a quick sewing process. Time for a Change is a pattern from DogUnderMyDesk, a great independent pattern designer. I like the water bottle pockets. I like the zippered pockets. I am not certain I like the way the straps are installed. I added a key minder to bag.

The issue for all fiber work is how to recover the time in the cost of the good. Living where I do, the cost of living is high. I can recover my material costs. I just do not think I can recover my time. So, while I like the pattern, I don't think it will show up in my Etsy shop, unless maybe it is a custom order item.