Friday, February 29, 2008

Too Many Choices? NY Times Article

I have a great group of friends and one of them sent us an article from the NY Times.
The article focused on how everyone has a difficult time limiting their options, even when doing so would be more "rewarding".

I find that there is a creative cycle to my art work and evidenced in my studio. There is an odd balance of creative chaos that, at some point, turns into chaos without creativity. At that point, I take the time to straighten things up, put things away and start over.

But, I don't always apply the limiting options to my design wall. So, I took down a number of the items that have been hanging on the design wall this morning. I have one quilt to machine quilt and then can work on what is on the wall. I still couldn't limit myself to one item though. I realize that I need to do so, but just am resisting it so far. And my brain wants to use the emptier wall as a place to put up a bunch more new things. Again, I too am irrational and cannot handle the loss of options in favor of the benefit of focus.