Friday, March 7, 2008


We have been traveling in the Netherlands. Traveling is different with a three year old than with only adults.

Our first night, we could admire the dance of two ferry boats across a canal. On each side, they would load up with cars, bikes, motorcycles or walk-on passengers and then they would both leave the shore. They would spin in the middle of the canal and then dock on the other side. We watched this dance for quite some time.

Our second day, we walked along the river and watched the boats and drawbridges. Between two drawbridges was a lock and we watched that too. Large barges would enter the lock. Sometimes the barge had another boat on top of the roof of the cabin and sometimes it had a car. This was in addition to its normal load.

We went to the family event and our three year old played happily with cousins around hrs age. We had some family time the day before and it was good to see how my aunts and uncles interacted with him.