Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Spin-Ruler Project

In the continuing series of kaleidoscope quilts, I just finished a fiber piece that uses the "spin-ruler". I bought the ruler years ago and never used it. I think I was a little scared of it, but thought it would be interesting to use. Now that I've done a few more 'scopes, I thought I might try out the ruler. You can find out more about the ruler here:

Anyway, here's my final project:

I like the way that this piece adds my interest in Asian design. Some of the fabrics were from Kona Bay. I think my sense of design space is influenced by my life in Tokyo. I wasn't a fiber artist when I lived there, but I did appreciate their art and practiced shuji.

I guess one of the issues that I have with the way that this ruler operates is that it generates a lot of "wasted" materials. Now when I make a piece, I do try to keep the fabrics together and make other pieces using those color combinations and "wasted" materials. You'll see a few of the other pieces in the next few blogs.